NLP Stories and Metaphor. Using stories we can influence, teach, entertain and transform

Stories and metaphors are one the ways we can influence people when we want to motivate them and spark their creativity.

We’ve developed 7 story structures to use in a variety of situations:

  1. Simple state change. To help our audience move from a dis-empowered state to an empowered state
  2. Teaching tale. A softer, bit often more powerful way  to teach
  3. Metaphor. Access our clients unconscious resources
  4. State strategy. Sometimes it’s too much of a jump to move between say, sadness and happiness in one jump. However we may be able to make that jump if we tell a story with a number of additional states. For example, sadness to curiosity to action to happiness
  5. Case studies. Soara is a classic way of presenting case studies. Tell a case study in sequence: Situation and Implication, Objective, Action,  Result and Aftermath. When we tell them correctly our listeners brain resonates
  6. Nested loops. We can embed suggestions when switch between various stories
  7. The ‘Hero’s Journey’ a classic archetypal structure that relates to our life journey

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NLP Stories and Metaphor

NLP Stories and Metaphor