NLP Starting a Business. Start Your Adventure. It can be scary and exciting.

Whenever someone is thinking about starting a business we suggest they read an extract of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

You can read our version of the Hero’s Journey halfway down from the link. Starting a business can scary and exciting. If you currently have a job, take some time planning and testing your ideas before you jump ship.

Two set of  ideas to consider:

Develop your proposition

  1. What’s it called? A simple label for it
  2. Who specifically are your customers? Or who specifically will be your ideal customers? What characteristics do they have?
  3. How do they benefit? How do you communicate this in their language?
  4. How will you reach them?
  5. Write out a description of what you do  taking into account the 4 points above?

Develop your plan

  1. What is your vision for how you’ll benefit your customers / clients
  2. How will the business benefit you?

And then ask these ‘balanced scorecard questions:

  1. Customers. How will you market and sell? How will you measure customer satisfaction?
  2. Processes. What processes do you need o run the business? eg accounts, customer database etc.
  3. People. Probably mostly you! How do you stay healthy? How do you develop the skills you need?
  4. Financial. What are your projected revenue and costs? What is your projected cash flow?

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NLP Starting a Business

NLP Starting a Business