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Thoughts on networking – David Regler

Michael Beale interviews David Reggler to discuss how David networks. David is a Business Consultant that specialises in working with clients to improve B2B Sales. David can be contacted through http://www.maine-associates.co.uk/

What is networking?

It’s about connecting with people, becoming aware of what they want and letting them know what you want. It is then about cultivating the relationship for mutual benefit.

It’s also about understanding the value of not only the person but also their network

While I network primarily for business I enjoy doing it.

Where and when do you do it?
Face to face and online, any time.

I use different strategies for different mediums. I keep in contact electronically – not much telephoning.

What specifically do you do?
I engage with people – find out about them first and then let them know a little bit about me. If I think there is a ‘mutual connection’ between us I’ll keep in contact.

For me it’s not a numbers game. If people are too ‘overt’ and ‘push’ or too ‘closed’ I tend to avoid them.

If you were going to teach me about it, what would you ask me to do?

Start! Make contact with people, find out about them and find a way of keeping in contact.

How did you learn to network?
Getting out and doing it; noticing the response I get

What do you believe about yourself when you network?

I believe its OK to initiate contact and that I can establish a connection quickly if there is some genuine mutual benefit.

I believe my immediate network is very important to me.

I don’t have to network with everybody and I can network with people at different levels.

What do you believe about the people you network with?

Everyone is interesting in some way.

Everyone has the potential to introduce me to somebody else.

I never know what might come up.

How do you know when you’re networking well?
It’s about the positive reaction I get from the person I’m networking with.

It ‘feels right’ and I believe I’ve left the other person with a good impression.

Do you have a ‘mission’ or ‘vision’ when you network?

It’s about searching out opportunities.

It’s to learn about anything.

It’s to expand my perspective.

What are your best ‘states’ for networking?

Open, attentive, looking for opportunities for me and my network.

Anything else?

The key is thinking through what you can give the other person.

The ‘connection’ is more important than the numbers.

Networking is my most successful way of generating business.

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