NLP Networking

NLP Networking

NLP Networking. Networking is a key skill. How do we get better at it?

Networking is a key business and life skill. A part of networking is stakeholder management which is a major part of business success.

Some key thoughts on networking:

  1. Create a list of people who you would like to meet
  2. Create a reason or excuse  for meeting (an NLP modelling project or a research project can be great reasons)
  3. Work out some key questions you want to ask them
  4. Carry out at least some initial research. (LinkedIn can be a good start)
  5. Contact them for a short meeting. (Email and phone and a combination of both can work)
  6. Meet them. Respect their time.
  7. Always thank them (for their time and thoughts. )  Consider asking if they know anyone else you should ask.
  8. Always work to keep the door open for another meeting.
  9. If you’ve put into action anything they’ve suggested write and let them know
  10. Incorporate social media into your approaches

How can NLP help? You can use NLP approaches to:

  1. Speed up rapport and trust
  2. Mentally rehearse your approach at meetings
  3. Ask better questions by (respectfully) using the Meta Model
  4. Leave them feeling good by using your state management skills

We’re delighted to include 6 articles, following interviews with successful networkers.

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NLP Networking
NLP Networking