NLP Leadership

NLP Leadership

NLP Leadership | Leading ourselves and others.

Leadership starts with us

What are some of the steps to leading ourselves? How about leading others? The steps are similar for both.

  1. Be clear on our purpose (which relates to our values and identity)
  2. Set a vision. Articulate it.
  3. What are operating rules? What culture do we want to build? What do we do when others don’t fit this culture?
  4. What is our strategy? How do we move towards to to our vision?
  5. What is our plan?
  6. What are the results we want? What do we measure?
Leadership has to be risky, we're working towards a future that doesn't exist yet. If it's not risky then it's not leadership.

NLP is an enabler for all the above, from modelling good practice, solving blocks, and encouraging success.

It's management's job to reduce risk. SMART goals are a management tool rather than a leadership tool.

Three articles on NLP Leadership

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NLP leadership

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NLP Leadership
NLP Leadership