NLP Hypnosis. Aligning and Influencing Ourselves and Others

We all use hypnotic patterns to influence ourselves and others, whether we are aware of it or not. Exploring NLP, hypnosis and deeper states is one of the most effective ways of further developing both our NLP and influence skills as we can test the effectiveness of what we do in real time.

The deeper and more creative states we access ourselves, the more effective we become in helping our clients access deeper states, which in turn helps them achieved better results.

We have developed our own learning process to help our clients unlock their own abilities.

  1. Beginning frame. Setting our clients expectations
  2. Induction. Inducing a mild hypnotic state
  3. Deepening. Allowing our clients to relax into much deeper states
  4. Process language or technique. Aligning our client in a way that’s useful to them
  5. Future pacing. Enabling our client to mentally rehearse any activity while in a useful state
  6. End frame. Re-orientating our client to be fully awake, while remembering what they’ve learnt  at a number of levels

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NLP Hypnosis

NLP Hypnosis