NLP Cold Calling

NLP Cold Calling

NLP Cold Calling. Increasing Your Cold Calling Success.

Cold calling is calling to prospects who don’t know us yet. While cold calling may be less popular than it used to be, it can still be very effective way to start the selling process.

Our experience is that NLP can make a positive difference to both our and our client’s success. We found that these elements have the most impact:

  1. Mindset. The beliefs of the caller about themselves, their potential client, and the environment they are in.
  2. Call scripts. Outline scripts modelled from successful callers, using NLP principles.
  3. Rapport. NLP rapport approaches to engage th potential clients. This includes appropriate matching  of voice speed, tone and words.
  4. Capability. This includes developing an interesting and engaging voice.
  5. Activity. Cold calling is, in part,  a numbers game. Overcoming any negative anchors in the caller and replacing them with positive drivers, so they can beat the numbers.

These approaches make a significant difference to someone calling occasionally and to someone in a call centre.

NLP Cold Calling Articles

NLP cold calling

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NLP Cold Calling
NLP Cold Calling