NLP Business Coaching

NLP Business Coaching

NLP Business Coaching. Helping you get to A from B.

There are number of definitions and approaches to coaching. For us, it’s all about helping the client solve or move forward with their own challenges. We like the idea of helping our clients getting to where they want to get to, from wherever they are now.

This means that not only does the client move forward, but they are also learning to solve their own future challenges on the way. It’s more about giving them a process to improve, which they can use both now and in the future, rather than giving them a simple solution.

In addition, many people are better at implementing a solution that they have worked out for themselves, rather than being told what do.

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Our definition of NLP Business Coaching

We also have a simplified description based on the results we’ve achieved with clients.

Coaching is a way of turning theory into results.

Many of us know what to do, we just don’t do it (for all sorts of very genuine reasons.) Coaching is a great way to help us implement what we already know in such a way that we get results and also continually improve the results we get.

We also have a very powerful version of the grow model, which gets great results, whether we use it explicitly or not.

NLP is a great enabler for coaches.

NLP Coaching Model

  1. Opening frame: What are the rules for us and others to work to, to give us the very best chance of success.
  2. State: The Emotional EQ part. What are useful emotional states that will help us (eg curiosity, determination, humour, playfulness, persistence.)
  3. Outcome/end goal: Where do we want to get to
  4. Rapport: What level and rapport/trust do we have or do we need? How can we improve it?
  5. Where are we now?: Without being both honest and accurate on this, good planning becomes impossible.
  6. Plan: How do we get to where we what to get? What options do we have?
  7. First easy step: What is it? When will we do it? How can we feel good about doing it?
  8. Closing frame; What have we learnt? What can we do better? What next?

We’ve found this model has helped our clients both improve their own results, and help coach their own clients.

NLP Business Coaching Case Studies

Here are 5 articles to illustrate how NLP has enabled other coaches to be successful.

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NLP Coaching
NLP Coaching