NLP Business Development. How NLP can help you beat your new business and revenue targets.

Business development is normally different from traditional selling in that it involves significantly larger amounts of money, both in potential revue achieved and in the cost of sale. The cost of sale for a large government outsourcing contract, for example can exceed £1/4 milion.

The sale can involve multiple decision makers in the customer, and require active support from different people in the client company. The sales cycle can be much longer, 12 months is not unusual.

Cultivation of of one or more internal ‘champions’ is normally essential for the sale to be successful.

There are a number of  business development approaches including Spin Selling, Powerbase Selling, Challenger Sale and Challenger Customer, all of which contain some useful elements.

Our experience is that NLP helps most with:

  1. Applying the approaches above.
  2. Managing and influencing the various internal and external stakeholders
  3. Helping the business development manager maintain his or her motivation and determination
  4. Rapport and influence skills.
  5. Developing teams

Our clients have helped successfully develop and close significant deals in competitive markets.

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We’re delighted to include 7 podcasts and articles from successful business development executives on the elements that have enabled them to be successful:

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NLP Business Development

NLP Business Development