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Since the year 2000, Michael Beale and Business NLP Ltd have been using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, MGSCC Coaching and other interventions to help individuals and companies with their adventure to become more successful and fulfilled.

Michael Beale

Michael Beale


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Address: NLP in Business, Business NLP Ltd, 120 Porthcawl Green, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes MK4 3AL

The company was started part time by Director Michael Beale in December 2000, when he was strategy development manager with BT plc. He left BT in 2003 to run the company full time and has been developing the company ever since.

His vision is to help individuals and companies with their adventure in becoming both more successful and more fulfilled.

Michael is accredited by both NLP founders, he is a Richard Bandler certified NLP trainer and NLP Coach Trainer and John Grinder certified New Code Practitioner and NLP Coach. In addition he is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching (MGSCC) Leadership, Team Coach and Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) 360 assessor.

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