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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Richard Bandler in Amsterdam | 1-3 rd May 2015

Hypnosis as an Application of NLP, Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May 2015

Join the Father and Co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler as he guides you on this 3 day journey of discovery.

What is the link between NLP and hypnosis? Dr Bandler reveals the simple truth. People are not merely in or out of trance but are moving from one state of consciousness to another. This seminar enables you to learn from the Master how to harness the power of the unconscious mind for effortless and lasting change.

Early bird prices now available: Richard Bandler in Amsterdam 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Coaching Thought | The Benefits of Coaching

'Coaching Thoughts' are extracts of books that might be of interest to coaches (and many others). This ‘Coaching Thought’ comes from the professional services book: How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life: How to Get Ahead in Professional Services. It gives a number of powerful reasons for having a coach for those interested in becoming partner.

“Coaching provides benefits by:
  1. Helping people achieve sustainable levels of performance, particularly leadership capability;
  2. Improving people’s interpersonal skills and correcting blind spots in their behaviour towards others;
  3. Providing focus and accountability;
  4. Increasing knowledge transfer for high performers and exceptional managers;
  5. Turning around under-performance;"