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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Business Model | What are the Best Questions to Ask?

Whether you're starting or running an NLP or coaching business,  or thinking about something totally different, a simple business plan and model will help you succeed. The starting point is asking some great questions.

This outline, based on the Book, Business Model Generation by Alexander and Yves Pigneur, will give you some key questions to ask.

These aren't easy questions to answer and at first may not seem to make any sense - In addition your answers are likely to develop and change throughout the evolution of your business.

However any attempt to answer them will give you a head start.

Firstly a definition: "A Business Model describes the rational of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value."

What are some of the key questions to ask? How do we  expect our answers to change over time?

1. Who specifically are your customers and how do you segment them?

Segments might be mass market, niche market or subsets of either

2. What value do we deliver?

Examples might include newness, performance, customisation, getting the job done, design, price, cost reduction, risk reduction, accessibility, convenience,

3. How do we reach our customers? What channels do we use?

Channels might include Selling, Networking, Web and Social Media, Bricks and Mortar Stores and Partners. We may use different channels for different aspects of the business.

4. How do we relate to our customers?

Customer relations may include personal service, self service, automated service and communities. How do know how good our customer service is.

5. How do we generate revenue streams? What would our customers be happy to pay?

Ways of generating revenue include asset sales, usage fee, subscription fee, lending/renting/leasing and licensing and advertising.

6. What are our key assets? What do we need to make the business work?

These might be physical, intellectual, human and financial.

7. What are our key activities? What do we have to do to make the business work?

These might include production, problem solving, keeping our skills updates, networking.

8. Who are our key partners?

Who do we need to develop our business? What relationship do we want with them?

9. What is our cost structure?

Are we cost or value driven when it comes to purchases? What happens to our costs if we expand or contract?

Answering these questions may not be easy, but it will give us a head start with our business.

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